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Welcome to the Fat Birder's Top 500 Birding Website.Using the best optics for watching birds is essential for the enthusiastic brider. If you are looking for birding binoculars to view your birds better then check out birding binoculars . There you will find a great selection of optical retailers.

Welcome to the Fat Birder's Top 500 Birding Website. A "ranking by traffic" site set up by a birding webmaster for other birding webmasters. This site was started simply because alternatives were often out of order, let in non-birding websites and overlooked cheats. If you think that a site that appears in these rankings is cheating please let us know and it will be removed.

It's easy to join up and have a logo & counter appear [showing how well you are doing for traffic from birders] - it must be put on your front page so others can see it on visiting the site, but may also be put on as many other pages as you like. It will not appear if you set stats to: "Private" - so it is a condition of membership that the setting is left on "Public".

Please also keep entries short or they will be edited down - 10 words maximum.   Please note: your chosen username must not contain gaps. (one word only, or words run together) or the stats counter will not appear.

Happy and successful birding !